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Should I choose a custom website or should I choose an open source CMS - that is the question. Customers must make a decision between building a custom website and using of CMS, before they come to us.

There are many benefits to both. Only if you know your needs you can really establish which one will work best for you. For most businesses, budget is the key factor in deciding between the two, but let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.


Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! have become very popular in recent times. Content Management Systems give more power to the regular people, who don't understand programming languages. They are almost free to use and this means that the final price for the website building will be quite low. You don't have a big budget for different modules and extensions, because they are already developed. Community development takes care about providing new features, options, plug-ins, themes and most updates are free.

That sounds great, isn't it?

But let's imagine that you have today your BIG idea for your website, you choose one of the best working content management systems, find a theme that meets your needs and your new website is ready. You get the job done with a smaller budget based on your needs. You will decide tomorrow you want something new on your website, but it turns out that what you are looking for is new to the internet and you can't integrate it into your site. It turns out that your CMS don't support similar extension or it doesn't work the way you want. You may have to pay more to someone, who must research and customize, and that will cost even more time. In this case you want your website to meet your requirements, you need to do some customization, but your developer may not be able to change everything.

Open source CMS are not unlimited, as the built from scratch websites are. If you choose a CMS you will have to follow the existing protocols and architecture when building your website which takes more time.

All this comes to show that the custom solution may be a better solution in the long term.

Custom Website

Custom designed and developed websites are preferred because of their uniqueness. Your business deserves a unique online presence and the custom website will always represent who you are and what you do.

The most important things are the powerful administrative panel with quick and intuitive control over the information on the website and the freedom that the customer has when he choose the website design.

All the features and functionality of the custom websites turn your website into an asset of your business. You will have a website that will set you apart from your competition.

When you choose a custom solution you build something without architectural limitations. The custom websites allow the developer to build the website around the content you have. All the customer wants is possible.

New functions or abilities are possible any time, but you will have to pay your developer to update the website. This means that the website will be more expensive and the development process will take a little longer.

If your website needs some custom functionality, need to be competitive and unique, building a custom website might be a better choice.

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