Mobile Apps

The mobile apps are the way forward

They promise convenience and accessibility

Benefits for business

Mobile applications build relationships and increase your visibility and accessibility.

Benefits for customers

Easy access to your contact information, events, location directions and more.

Are you looking to take your business to a next level and keep moving forward? VM5 Ltd. provides mobile app development services that help you stay connected with your customers. We create amazing Android and iOS applications.

We can develop useful applications, games and enterprise level applications.

We offer mobile application support using HTML5. An HTML5 approach is appropriate for many organization needs.

Advantages of Mobile apps based on HTML5 consist in interoperability across devices, faster development, cost-effectiveness and maintenance easiness.

We use:

  • Apache Cordova

  • Ionic HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework

  • Angular JS and other

We love the web

High-quality code, stylish design and SEO-friendly websites

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