Technical support

We resolve client’s issues

in a quick and friendly manner


Functionality upgrade. Websites get older, but we know how to make them look younger.

No bugs

If there is a problem, we will solve it quickly. Our websites work properly at any time, everywhere. 

We know how important the adoption of the latest technologies is. Technology changes so quickly and even a perfectly working website needs some attention from time to time. We offer assistance to our clients after the launch of their new website (including websites that we didn't build).

Website maintenance and support include:

  • Monitor the proper operation of the website

  • Software update

  • Adding new and modification of functionalities

  • Troubleshooting and fixing issues, errors and bugs

  • Response to hacker attacks

  • Daily software and database backups

We love the web

High-quality code, stylish design and SEO-friendly websites

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